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you make me feel so tall

i always want to be this tall

5/1/10 03:45 am - brightly painted man.

double take
stuck in awe
heart stops
lips tense
cold sweat
cheeks blush
oh, in this moment i am lost
in love for that speck of time.
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2/21/10 04:22 am - 4am.


6/6/09 06:10 pm - yes.

“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”
- Jodi Picoult

2/11/09 03:00 pm - you just wait, you'll see.

i want to feel the way i do right now for every show.

i used to feel this way, and now that i'm older, things are different.


1/16/09 05:26 pm - ugh

i'm tired of posting this stuff to myself.

add me to your livejournal or make one and be my friend. haha.


11/16/08 01:15 pm - :)

so, i'm sitting here cleaning up and listening to the beautiful mistake. not paying attention to anything but the cleaning and the song.
the chorus comes up from 'my reminder' - oh how blessed we are,
to share in everything
life before was cold, cold and empty
everytime i see your face, im reminded of
what it means to be alive -

i turned my head abruptly towards the window to see giant snow flakes coming down. and i smiled. i smiled because i needed this. i was feeling really angry and overwhelmed but this reminded me it's not worth being angry over things.

thank you.

11/3/08 09:02 pm - bits of memories stuck on a screen.

pictures from the wedding in tennessee, october 18th, 2008.

alpacas! n baby!

wedding prayers.

jesse throws down.

dave and michael.



circular hotel - radison.

steelers n bugles.

mall in goodlettsville, tn.

whats that fry? (this was in kentucky.)

pictures from the show, october 28th, 2008.

chad made spidey love.

some crowd.

some more crowd.

path to misery.

shai hulud.

10/24/08 05:19 pm - SHOWS!


10/10/08 10:47 pm - don't you love those leaves?

i'm going to post for yesterday and today.

yesterday was the last day of my two days off. it was a good time. started out a bit slow.
got up around 10 and ate vegan mac n cheese. computer time. got paid. hit the bank. made lunch, vegan egg salad n mac n cheese. yum! bf time. computer time. walked to the park, took pictures.

i reached my destination, which were the swings, and sat down. i was then approached by an older man i recognized from work. he looked extremely lost so i directed all of my attention to him. he was stumbling in the swing pit. i asked him if he was ok and if he wanted to sit down. i was really scared something was wrong. he explained to me as best as he could that he was lost. we talked it over on the bench across the way. apparently he was directed this way from his car, but couldn't remember where he left it. we tried to back track where he last was but he couldn't remember a thing. not even his wifes name, phone number or address. soon we began to walk towards where he thought he last was. he wanted to go down a street he thought he recognized. we knocked on a familiar door, (then he started walking in until i grabbed his hand and held him back.) no one was home. stopped along the way to see if anyone had anything good to say. nope. we finally got to my workplace to get some help. luckily most of us know who this man is. we were able to get a hold of his wife based on a store discount card. after opening up his wallet, i noticed that the street we went down was the street he actually lived on. when his wife got there, she was extremely grateful and wanted to give me a ride home or anything really. i refused cause i didn't want to be a bother. she went on to tell me that he didn't drive and luckily we got him home cause tomorrows his 81st birthday. that made me smile.
while walking home afterwards i walked around indiana at dusk and took photos. i'll load those up tomorrow. for now i have lovely fall photos. :)

sweetie, you don't need someone who's more fleeting than fall. no!Collapse )

when i went into work today, the girl that helped me with the older man told me that he has alzheimers and it seems to get worse anytime anyone sees him. thats such a terrible thing. :( i hope he had a good birthday. :)
work today was ok, in general. we have headsets we use now instead of paging people over the intercom. i actually had a lot of fun with it. haha. each dept has one. oh, i ate perogies!
on my way home, i saw the cutest little bird, tiny, hopping up the side of a tree. he had a long beak, was blue and made little twittering sounds. the rest of my day consisted of computer time. pathetic. but it's been a while.
now i work tomorrow 10am - 6pm. yay.


ps. if the photos don't have borders, i'm hoping it's just a flaw w photobucket and needs to catch up.

8/18/08 05:11 pm - donations

hello, i'm putting up this donation button as a fund toward christmas. i'm not asking for anything. i just wanted to give it a try.

thank you very much. :)
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